Mission in Cameroon

The Sisters of Mary of the Presentation in partnership with the Diocesan Catholic Ministries serve at several missions in Cameroon. The Sisters provide medical care, spiritual guidance, and child education to people in need.

At rural elementary schools, the Sisters provide religious and literacy education. The Sisters teach children who would otherwise not receive a formal education. The Sisters work in multiple schools in cities all over Cameroon.

In hospitals and clinics, the Sisters provide desperately needed medical care to impoverished families. The Sisters provide nursing care, health education, food, and medicine.

Currently, the Sisters are constructing their own hospital to serve the people of Douala, SMP Catholic Clinic & Hospital.


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The mission in Cameroon is supported by the international Sisters of Mary of the Presentation organization and individual sponsors from France, Canada, and the United States.

100% of donations to the Cameroon mission go directly to helping people in critical need.