Our Mission & Emblem

 What we do:

“We work for the Glory of God. Our sole goal is to bring forth the glory of God in all we do. We provide for the current needs of our world especially for the most vulnerable in society.”



Our Sisters work in various areas of evangelization: bringing forth the Good News of Jesus. Our Sisters provide spiritual direction, directed retreats, days of recollection, adult religious education, counseling, etc. This ministry leads the Sisters out into many local parishes.



Our Sisters have a long history of founding and operating health ministries, Sisters of Mary of the Presentation began their first health ministry in France in 1828. Our Sisters are involved at multiple levels in SMP Health Ministries. SMP Health operates three hospitals and six Long-Term Care Facilities. 



Since 1965, our Sisters have opened Maryvale, their regional home in Valley City, ND, as a hospitality & retreat center. In 2022, the Sisters gifted Maryvale to the Diocese of Fargo and donated to an endowment in order to ensure that Maryvale will continue to operate into the future. A new entity, “Maryvale,” was created to manage the retreat center. For more information about Maryvale Retreat Center visit [MaryvaleND.org]



The elderly/sick Sisters of our Region are involved in the ministry of Prayer. Each Sister is assigned to pray for one or more of the ministries of our Region and for the various ministries throughout our Congregation. We pray for the needs of the world, the Church, the deceased, for any persons we know who need prayer, those who request prayer or intentions that are inscribed in the Prayer Journal kept in the Maryvale Chapel. If you have a special request for prayer let us know.  [Ask for Prayer]

About the Emblem:

In 1982 the General Chapter of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation agreed to this oval symbol as a common community symbol to indicate membership in the Congregation.


The Cross represents Jesus Christ our Savior.


The M represents Mary whose daughters we are.


The Oval signifies the Church and our Congregation.


The Cross is rooted in the Earth where our lives and ministry take place.