Associate Program

Being an Associate of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation is a way of sharing our life and ministry. An Associate is a Christian person who willingly enters into a covenant with the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation to share in and contribute to the life and corporate mission of the Congregation. This member is a woman or man who desires a bond with the Congregation in a formalized way. This person is one who:

• Longs to be more deeply committed to Christ;

• Desires to share in a community spirit and prayer;

• Wishes through her/his life to enrich the ministry of the Church and share in its mission as specifically expressed through the spirit and goals of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation;

• Wishes to be associated with other persons who hold similar values; and is 18 years of age or older, married or single.

The Sisters and the individual enter a covenant of mutual sharing and support. The associate brings special capabilities for prayer and service. The ways to serve and the commitments are varied and in keeping with the desires, talents and time of the individual.

The Congregation offers opportunities that will provide means of personal and spiritual growth and apostolic involvement. The Congregation seeks to make itself available as a place of a community of life, inspiration, and dedication to God.