Spiritual Retreats

The mission of the Spiritual Life Center at Maryvale Convent is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and deepening of one’s relationship with God, self, and others.


A directed retreat is a silent retreat which focuses on the personal prayer of an individual and the unique experience of God in the life of the person. Each day the retreat participant meets with the retreat director to reflect on one’s prayer and to receive material for further prayer.


This retreat allows a person time alone in a peaceful and prayerful atmosphere.


The Ignatian Retreat is steeped in the Gospels and is based in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This is a silent retreat where one is able to meet Jesus in the experiences of Jesus’ own life. Conferences and individual direction are part of the retreat.


During this retreat, we will prayerfully reflect on God’s love for us and the nature of love as presented to us in the Scriptures, the lives of saints and one’s own personal life.


Participate with others in these retreats which are designed to assist a person who desires spiritual growth. The format for these retreats allows for small group gatherings which enable participants to converse on their prayer experiences and encounters with God.